New admission to the classes in each of the three curricula programmes is made with effect from the new academic year. However, the registration of admission commences from the month of January for Indian system and in April for British and Bahraini systems. Parents desirous of seeking admission for their children can obtain the forms of application from the administrative wing of the school.

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  • Admission Requirements

    1. A child seeking admission to a particular grade must have passed the final examinations of the lower grade immediately preceding the grade to which admission is sought. A certificate to this effect obtained from the school last attended is to be submitted along with the duly filled in form of application.
    2. A child who seeks admission to any of the grades of the school must take an admission test administered by the school in the subjects decided by the school. The will be eligible for admission only if he/she passes the test.
    3. The following documents are to be produced at the time of admission. Those who do not produce these documents will not be eligible for admission.
      1. Birth certificate as proof of the date of birth.
        1. Transfer/school leaving certificate obtained from the school last attended.
        2. Conduct certificate from previous school.
      2. Certificate of passing in examinations / report card in original.
      3. Copy of C.P.R.
      4. Copy of Passport.
      5. Photographs (6-Passport size)
  • Withdrawal

    Application for withdrawal should be made on the prescribed form available in the school office. Completed applications for withdrawal should be submitted to the Principal at least one month prior to the date of leaving. The school leaving certificate will be issued only if all the school fees including fees for the current month have been paid and any school property, if any taken, has been returned.

  • Examination & Tests

    The school will adhere to the realisation of instructional objectives and attainment targets prescribed by each curriculum in the respective subject at each stage, and make continuous assessment, both formative and summative. The periodic/monthly tests and end-of-term examinations will be conducted, and the results will be intimated to the parents. Promotion to the higher grade will be based on systematic assessment and those students who do not achieve the expected attainment targets will have to repeat the grade/class.

  • Fees

    Payment of fees will be regulated by the rules given below:

    1. School fees are payable in advance on or before the 1st day of each calendar month.
    2. After the expiry of the due date, a late fee of 100 fils will be charged daily.
    3. IGCSE, AS and A Level fees must be paid on a termly basis, as follows:
      1. Term 1 to be paid by 1 st September
      2. Term 2 to be paid by 1 st January
      3. Term 3 to be paid by 1 st April

    Please note: Unless three full terms fees have been paid, no results certificates will be issued.

    However, if the 1st day happens to fall on a school holiday, a late fee will be applicable from the day onwards.

    Parents are requested not to entrust children with the responsibility of paying fees. The school will not assume any responsibility if the fees so sent are lost or misplaced.

    Parents proceeding on a long leave or vacation are advised to pay the fees for the leave period along with transport fees before their departure.

    Parents are requested to please note that if the fees are not paid within 15 days after the due date the name of their child will be struck off the rolls of the school. In such an event, parents will have to seek re-admission for their child. All requests for re-admission in these circumstances will be considered on merit.

    The school expects that all outstanding amounts due are cleared on time before the results of the annual examination are declared. It should be noted that all results in cases where fees are not paid for will remain withheld until the dues are cleared.

    Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

  • Uniforms

    The Uniform for Students From Nursery to Grade 8 is as follows:

    Boys Girls
    Light Blue full Trousers. Light Blue Pinafore.
    White Shirt with School Logo. White Shirt with School Logo.
    Blue Tie with School Logo. Blue Tie with School Logo.
    Black Shoes. Black Shoes-Flat.
    Plain White Socks. Plain White Socks.
    Black Ribbon/ Black Hair Band.

    The Uniform for Students of 9, 10, AS & A Level will be as follows:

    Boys Girls
    Navy Blue Full Trousers. Navy Blue Full length Loose Skirt./Trousers
    Striped Navy Blue Shirt. Striped Navy Blue Shirt.
    Blue Tie with School Logo. Blue Tie with School Logo.
    Navy Blue Waistcoat. Navy Blue Waistcoat (hip-level)
    Black Shoes. Black Shoes-Flat.
    Plain White Socks. Plain White Socks.
    Black Ribbon/ Black Hair Band.

    The Sports Uniform for Students From 1 to ALevel (P.E. Class days only) will be as follows:

    Boys Girls
    White T-Shirt with School Logo. White T-Shirt with School Logo.
    Only White full Trousers. Only Navy Blue full Trousers (Grade 5 to A Level).
    (Shorts / Bermudas not allowed) Only White full Trousers (Grade 1 to 4).
    Only White Shoes. Sports Shoes – White (Plain)
    White Socks – above the ankle. White Socks – above the ankle

    The House Uniform for Students From 1 to A Level (On Thursday only) will be as follows:

    Yellow T-Shirt with School Logo (Diamond).
    Green T-Shirt with School Logo (Emerald).
    Red T-Shirt with School Logo (Ruby).
    Blue T-Shirt with School Logo (Sapphire).
    White full length Trousers – For Boys & Navy Blue Trousers Girls.( For Grades 5 To A Level).
    White Sports Shoes with White Socks (above ankle) For Boys & Girls From Grades 1 To A Level.

    Winter Wear

    Navy Blue Pull-Over with School Logo for both boys & Girls For Grades 1 To A Level.

    If any child comes to the school on regular school days without proper school uniform he/she may not be allowed to attend classes.

  • Parent Teacher Meetings

    Occasional parent teacher meetings will be arranged on campus giving parents the opportunity to meet the teachers and discuss the progress of their child.

  • Regulations for Students

      1. School uniforms: It is obligatory for the students to attend school in proper uniform which should be clean and properly ironed. Jewellery of any kind should not be worn to the school.
      2. Punctuality: Students are expected to be punctual. They should stand in a line in front of their classroom when the first bell rings. After the morning assembly, they should proceed to their respective classrooms in proper order.
      3. Politeness and good behaviour: Students are expected to be polite and respectful at all times. They should show reverence to their teachers and be kind, friendly and cordial towards their class/school mates.
      4. Tidiness: Students are expected to take care of the school property. Students should keep their desks and classrooms tidy, should not litter floors and playgrounds with trash. Chewing-gum is strictly prohibited at the school.
      5. Rules during recess: Students are allowed to go to the playground during recess. Playground and toilets are expected to be kept clean and tidy.
      6. Diary, books and stationery: Students should bring the school diary, necessary books for the day, pens, pencils and note books to the school and take care of them.
      7. Maintenance of school diaries: Diaries are to be maintained as a record of students homework. Students are expected to do their work regularly and diligently. No pages should be torn or detached from the school diary.
      8. Leaving when the school is in session: Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during the school hours except when there is an emergency.
      9. Absence from lessons: Parents are requested to assure the regular attendance of their children in the class. Their absence for valid reasons must be initiated by writing in the diary. Parents are requested to call the school office to inform of the absence of the ward.
      10. Long leave: For a long leave of absence from classes or from scheduled examinations due to unavoidable circumstances, prior permission should be obtained from the Principal/Head Teacher.
      11. Return to classes after absence due to illness: Students reporting absent due to sickness from any infectious/contagious disease, should not return to the school without a proper fitness certificate issued by an authorized medical doctor. This precaution is essential to keep the school free from such diseases spreading among other children.
      12. Participation in physical education: All students enrolled in the school must take part in physical education activities unless they have an exemption certified by medical authorities.
      13. Parents must inform the Principal/Head Teacher if their child is on any continuous medication.

      The school believes in decorum and proper discipline. Through this policy, the school wishes to ensure the safety and security of its pupils and strives to uphold the welfare and dignity of the school community. The school therefore requires that every student follow its rules of discipline. The following types of behaviour will be dealt with strictly.

      1. Insolence, disrespect and disobedience of the authority of the teachers.
      2. Quarrelling, group activities and undue arguments on the school premises.
      3. Stealing or maliciously vandalising school property.
      4. Smoking and use of drugs.
      5. Bringing radios, walkman, cassette players, and magazines, and use of mobile (cellular) phones, bleepers etc.
      6. Repeated absence from school without a prior note from parents.
  • Rules & Regulations for Parents

    General Rules & Regulations

    The following rules and regulations should be read and closely observed by parents to ensure the healthy maintenance and adherence of the conditions that contribute to a sound academic atmosphere in the school. Parents who continually disregard these rules may be asked by the Principal to remove their children from the School.

    School Timing

    1. School Hours: For Infant section, Grade 1, 2 and 3 from 7.30am to 12.50pm and For Grade 4 to A-Level from 7.30am to 2.00pm. Students are required to be at the school before 7.25 am . Infant Sections, Grade 1, 2 & 3 (all sections) children should be collected before 1.05 pm. Grade 5 to A Level (all Sections) children should be collected before 2.15 pm. The school will not be responsible for any child not collected within the time mentioned above. No child should wait outside the school’s main gates. The school will not be responsible for the safety of any child found waiting outside the gates.
    2. Uniforms
    3. Children must attend school properly dressed in the correct uniform. Children not properly dressed may be excluded from their classes and teachers will bear no responsibility for the work missed as a consequence of this exclusion. No jewellery, excessive cash or expensive items may be brought to school, and if so, the school will not be responsible for any loss or breakage.
    4. ID cards should be worn and visibly displayed by all students at all times. Any student coming to school without an ID card may be asked to stay return without being allowed to enter the school grounds.

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