Al Noor International School believes in the all round growth and potential of its students and offers a variety of extra-curricular activities to help promote, develop and stimulate this growth.

With a single-minded philosophy to nurture and foster not only the mental and physical capabilities of students, but also their social strengths, Al Noor International School has committed itself to providing various facilities where this can be achieved.

Campus & Classrooms

The campus provides facilities for playing and learning in a naturally beautiful and welcoming environment. Each classroom is well-equipped and properly maintained. The average student strength of each class is ideal. A maximum of twenty five students are allocated per class. This assures that each and every child receives the adequate attention and support needed for success. Also, teachers employ interactive methods of instruction, while paying individual attention to each child.

  • Resource Facilities: The resource facilities consist of laboratories, libraries, audio-visual rooms, music rooms, documentation cells, art rooms, band rooms, computer wings, etc...
  • Co-Curricular: Apart from curricular activities, the School provides many other opportunities for the learning and development through co-curricular and extracurricular activities. These include: music and band practice, dance, art, craft, dramatics, sports, games, etc. Music lessons are conducted in both Eastern and Western traditions to encourage an appreciation of other cultures and promote cohesion in this culturally diverse environment. Lessons in painting, clay modelling and craft-work brings out the pupil’s aesthetic sense and creative talents. In addition to these activities, the school also organises picnics, visits to important historical and educational sites. Participation is encouraged in intra-school and inter-school competitions.
  • Science Laboratories: In order to motivate scientific curiously and provide a better well-rounded and in-depth understanding of various natural phenomena, Al Noor International is further enhancing its laboratory facilities. Separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are constantly being updated to cater to the empirical needs of our young inventive minds. Our goal is to provide fully adequate facilities where students can acquire reliable data and pursuit of their scientific thirst for knowledge.
  • Library: The Library is available to all students, and houses a number of books, texts and journals covering an extensive variety of subjects and educational levels. Strategically located at the center of the campus, it is seen the heart of the school serving both students and faculty members alike. The facility was specially designed to facilitate easy access to data as well as provide an environment through which students can concentrate and focus on assignments, homework etc. With more than sixty cubicles available, students are given the opportunity to concentrate uninterrupted on their studies. This teaches a sense of personal responsibility and the appreciation of work. The library also provides a well-stocked collection of audio and visual material, and a computer hall for researching more up-to-date information.Classes are also held on a weekly basis to educate students about proper library use; teaching them how and where to retrieve information required. Apart for academic material, students can feed their creative imagination from the abundant store of fiction material available to further encourage a love of reading.
  • Computer Laboratories: The use of computer technology has become fundamental to almost every aspect of learning in our institution. In facilitating this need, Al Noor International provides students with six fully equipped computer rooms containing a total of 150 computers for academic use. Each laboratory is carefully laid out to facilitate the best instructional methods and further develop the learning experience for students. To promote interaction and allow for efficient group work, computers are linked up to a network.Besides a commitment to their total understanding of the latest technological developments, the school trains students in many other skills through the medium of computers. Such is the advancement in the field of subject-assisted learning that the use of technology is basic to the teaching of subjects. The School remains committed to maintaining a department that is equipped with the latest technology, improving continuously to meet the needs and aspirations of both the students and teachers.

Security System / ID Cards

With safety being a major priority, Al Noor International School runs a well organized security system which has been set up in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its pupils. All parents and visitors are requested to honour the security rules and help us to maintain proper order and discipline. Identity cards are issued to both students and their parents.

Transport Facilities

With an ever growing improvement in our safe and efficient home-to-school transport service, Al Noor International School’s fleet of busses has grown into one of the largest of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Each day over 3000 pupils are transported safely to and from school by one of our 80 operational busses within the different regions of Bahrain. This service is one we are proud of as brings many benefits to its users, such as: convenience to parents and pupils, cutting down on individual transport costs and time, as well as decreasing our carbon footprint by using a more sustainable method of transport.

We are 100% committed to the wellbeing and safety of our students and will continue to ensure an effective service parents can rely on.

Latest News & Events

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