CBSE Curriculum

The CBSE curriculum follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, and is widely recognised as one of the finest educational systems in India. In fact, CBSE admissions are the most sought after and the curriculum gives students a unique advantage for higher studies. The School is an approved centre of CBSE, New Delhi.

Course Content

Following are the subjects offered:

  • Language I – English
  • Language II – Hindi / French / Arabic
  • Mathematics
  • Science – Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  • Social Science – Civics, History & Geography
  • Computer Science
  • Work Experience
  • Art Education
  • Physical Education
  • Music

Arabic is offered only to those of Arab background.


The purpose of our institution is to prepare students to be active citizens, enabling them to compete in an ever-changing world by providing a rich, stimulating learning environment that fosters their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge. We aim to help identify and nurture their talents while facilitating simultaneous development of mind & body in creating global leaders committed to change and progress. This is achieved through providing a broad and balanced curriculum which supports individual needs, removes learning barriers and allows all students to realize their full potential.

Every student is unique, with different academic, social, emotional, and personal needs, and we intend to address these needs.


Though the process of learning is child-centered, the teacher-student relationship is closer and more significant than in the CBSE method. Teachers collect all data related to the pupils and understand their personalities and interact with them more effectively. Teachers are pre-equipped with the objectives and contents of the syllabi and learn and analyse their inter-relationships before their delivery in the classroom. Hence, teaching becomes a goal-oriented activity. Teachers use clear, simple, easily intelligible and error-free language in the class and thus encourage mutual communication with children. They take care to correct pupils notes, class assignments, exercises and compositions etc. and give home work assignments from time to time, and prescribe subject oriented group work other than from the text books. The teachers place emphasis on desirable values while teaching in order to inculcate natural discipline in the children.


The method of evaluation in the CBSE system is objective, valid and reliable. Diagnostic and Proficiency tests are administered from time to time to evaluate the attainment targets achieved by the students. The tests are given to assess the comprehension and depth of knowledge in the subjects. Objective Type and Short Answer Type questions and Transformative Type questions (in language testing) are used. Practical tests are given in Computer and Science subjects. Group Assignments and Project Work are also assigned.

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