The Kindergarten Section at Al Noor International School provides an English medium (British curriculum) education for children between the ages of 3 and 5. The school is ideal for providing a strong foundation in conceptual skills and knowledge of the English language.


Al Noor International School Kindergarten system is one which serves as transition, preparing children for more formal methods of learning. Children attending this program are guided to acquire and develop basic skills through creative play and social interaction. The program is therefore carefully mapped so children can gradually develop essential skills, concepts, insights, and internalize these in a playful manner.

The primary goal of this program is to ensure that every child grows socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually in a safe and nurturing environment, where behavior and the development of positive attitudes can occur through guidance and through the use positive reinforcement.

Teachers employ a number of varied techniques in educating the children. They are encouraged to solve problems on their own and actively participant in the learning process. Activities are well integrated with each concept making it fun and interesting for the child. Methods of learning are therefore paired with fun activities like music and games, which leads to the development motor skills, co-ordination and all round development.

Parents are encouraged to get to know the teacher and to attend Parent Teacher Meetings and Class Exhibitions (Open Day).

The following extra-curricular activities are included in the programme and children are encouraged to participate:

  • KG Sports Day
  • Al Noor Mini Olympics
  • Talent Competition (Art and Craft, Fancy Dress)
  • Annual Day
  • Field Trips

To enhance the language and reading skills of the students, Library Week is celebrated. We reinforce the importance of books to broaden their general knowledge and also promote reading as a means of entertainment.

Activities related to all special days are organized towards ensuring that children reap the most rewards educationally while enjoying themselves at the same time.

Continuous assessment provides an effective indication of child’s achievement. All records are accessible, confidential and helpful in teaching and learning progress.

At the end of each academic session, the graduation ceremony takes place. Here students are honored for their achievements. By the end of the two years programme your child would have been well equipped with skills in numeracy, literacy and many others expected for primary school level.

Nursery Stage (Ages 3 to 4)

  • Course Outlook

    The emphasis is on helping children to settle into a new environment. We realise that for many children this is the first experience of time spent away from home. The teachers aim to provide a warm, safe and caring place to make it easier for the child.

  • Course Content

    Besides acquiring a strong foundation of the English language, a child also learns basic skills such as writing, number recognition, reading, as well as craftwork.

  • Learning Methods

    Teaching is performed through various subjects including English, Number work, and Topic, through which the children extend and enrich their oral and written vocabulary, and learn the basic motor, linguistic, numerical, personal, and social skills. Parents are advised of the topics their children are learning through Topic and Subject Information Sheets that help reinforce the learning process at home. Field trips are organized around the topics with an emphasis on local culture, and events and functions are all geared towards ensuring that children reap the most rewards educationally through them, while enjoying themselves at the same time.

  • Facilities

    Children in the Infant Section have their own shaded playgrounds which are equipped with toys that encourage them to develop their large motor skills and self confidence. The children are encouraged to share and be good to their classmates, thus developing their social awareness, which in turn will help them to become good citizens of the future.

Reception Stage (ages 4 to 5)

  • Course Outlook

    The emphasis is on more academic learning and less play. The topics are at a more sophisticated level.

  • Course Content

    Enhancement of reading, writing and numerical skills. Children are encouraged to write their own simple sentences and formal reading is introduced. As the children enter the Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum, the Literary and Numeracy sessions form part of the daily routine. Formal teaching of the Arabic language is also introduced on a daily basis.

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