Bahraini Curriculum

The Bahraini section in Al Noor International School follows the Bahraini Curriculum is one of the tricurricular program ( i.e British , Bahraini and Indian National curriculam) of the Al Noor International School.

The Bahraini section in Al Noor International School is officially started in the academic year 1996 – 97 , from grade1 .Bahraini curriculum is based on the programme adopted by the Ministry Of Education , Kingdom Of Bahrain .We follow the same examination methods , timings and also the two semester system which is followed in the Ministry schools.

Admission for Students

Grade 1.

  1. A student seeking admission for grade 1 should be above 5 years old .( completed 5 years on or before 31st of August).
  2. They have to take admission tests in 3 subjects ( Arabic , Maths and English).
  3. The student has to appear for an interview to ensure that he/she is able to communicate and follow the Arabic language and knows the basic skills such as writing , reading , number recognition ... Etc.

Grades 2 to 8.

  1. Students need the necessary documents such as TC , certificate of passed & promoted from the previous school, C.P.R and passport copies ... Etc.
  2. They should sit for the admission tests in English , Arabic and Maths subjects and pass in all the three.
  3. Those who seek admission in this section from the other curriculums of this school , should also sit & pass the ad. tests.

Curriculum Content

We follow the same educational system followed by the Ministry Of Education, which has 3 levels.

  • Basic Education
    1. Lower primary (classes 1, 2, 3)
    2. Upper primary (classes 4, 5, 6)
    3. Intermediate (classes 7, 8, 9)
  • Secondary Education ( classes 10, 11 and 12)
    • Secondary Level consists of 3 years with 6 semesters. After the completion of each semester, students sit for the Examinations organized by the Ministry Of Education
    • In grade 10, students learn all the subjects, including 3 languages (Arabic, English, and French)
    • In grade 11 , students choose the stream as per their choice such as:
      1. Commerce:
        1. Finance
        2. Accounting
        3. Travel / Tourism
        4. Office Management
      2. Science:
        1. Math.
        2. Physics
        3. Chemistry
        4. Biology
    • Grade 9 students (Intermediate level -3) sit for the Ministry exams at the end of both semesters
    • Ministry exam papers are evaluated by the Ministry Of Education and we receive the results from there
    • Grades 11 & 12 students are eligible for the 'Crown Prince Scholarship', if they've scored above 97% marks
    • A graduation day is held every year for students of Grade 12
  • Syllabus / subjects for the Lower primary
    • Students learn all the subjects followed by the Ministry Of Education
    • We provide some special subjects and languages such as:
      1. Special English
      2. French
      3. Computer Science
      4. Science and Maths in English
    • We take the 20% of their Science and Maths English marks, 100% marks of Computer Science and we 'Grade' the French language
  • Syllabus / subjects for the Upper primary
    • Students learn all the subjects followed in the L.P and even additional subjects like 'Home Science' and ' Citizenship' ( a part of Social Studies)
  • Syllabus / subjects for the Intermediate level
    • In grade 9, ( 3rd level of Intermediate) they sit for the Ministry Exams as well as for exams conducted by the school ( for subjects , English , Computer , French , Science ( English) , Math ( English)
    • Students receive 2 mark sheets in grade 9 from the Ministry Of Education and from the school
    • In grade 9 students get chance for a ' Re-Exam' if they fail in any exams conducted by Ministry Of Education
  • Syllabus for the Secondary level
    • We have adopted the ' Unified Track' which is followed by the Ministry Of Education
    • Students learn the school special subjects even in grades 10 , 11 and 12
    • Even is Secondary level , students sit for the Ministry exams and school exams

Curriculum Assessment

  • Other than class – assessments and term examinations, various assessment methods are applied through out the year which include orals , listening tests , practical tests , projects and assignments
  • Other Exams:
    1. City & Guilds Exam.
      Students of grade 12 are trained to write this exam for the subject "Book Keeping & Accounts".
    2. Cambridge ICT Exams.
      This special computer Exams are provided for students from 8 to 12 grades)
    3. Australian Benchmark Exams.
      Students can appear for these exams from grades 3 to 10 ''Australian Council for Educational Research''. Organizes this exams for subjects: Science, Maths and English.
  • Co- Curricular and extra curricular activities:
    1. Apart from the curricular activities , this section provides extra curricular activities in the areas of arts, crafts , music , band , sports and games.
    2. Besides these activities a number of picnics visits to historical and educational places ... Etc are organized.
    3. We encourage and train students to participate in various inter-school and intra –school competitions and events.

Administration Panel

  1. The Head Teacher
  2. Deputy Head Teacher
  3. Coordinators
  4. Secretary
  5. Social Worker
  6. Subject co-ordinators (Arabic , English , Science , Maths , Computer ...)
  7. Teachers

The Bahraini curriculum provides excellent teachers who are prepared and trained to interact effectively with pupils. The process of learning and class room interaction motivates pupils emotional and intellectual development.

Latest News & Events

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