Chairman’s Message

Dear Parent,

We understand how important it is for you to decide on the right school for your child. This website is designed to help you come to a decision that will suit your child’s needs.

At Al Noor International School, we aim to provide education of a high quality. Our goal is not only to develop the academic skills of the child but also to inculcate strong moral values in a supportive environment. Our team of experienced teachers is well trained to develop the full potential of a child and enhance his/her talent.

In our pursuit of excellence and progress in education, we encourage students from a variety of cultural backgrounds to choose from the three different curricula offered on our self-contained and very attractive campus. It is our aim to provide an experience of education, which combines the broad range of cultural backgrounds found on the island of Bahrain and in other parts of the world, incorporating the unity of basic values throughout the world.

We believe that this variety adds greatly to the educational experience provided by Al Noor. We pride ourselves in preparing your child for the future while appreciating his/her individuality and strength.

We hope you will find common ground with our philosophy and join us in producing better citizens for a better tomorrow.

Ali Hasan,
Founder / Chairman

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